Kristin Bendigo Photography


phone: 520-461-6429

tucson, arizona

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About Me!

Life is full of beautiful memories; let me capture yours!

I come from a military family where moving every other year was the norm ... I got used to constant change and misdirection. so it was no surprise that i married an air force pilot myself! we have two wonderful kids and a menagerie of animals including two horses, three goats, two dogs, and two cats! when i'm not working or spending time with my family, i enjoy reading a good book, and hiking the beautiful arizona trails!

i studied sociology in college and eventually made my way into the behavioral health field; but after some time, i knew i needed to make a change. i've always had a camera in my hands, so dusting off the dslr almost 4 years ago was an easy task and i decided to turn my dreams into reality ... kristin bendigo photography llc was born! 

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