Family Photos ... What Do I Wear??

You've booked your photos, you think you have your location picked out, so now it's time to think about your outfits!

Many people book their family sessions with a "theme" or "vibe" already in mind. Will some people want to go for the "boho" theme with muted, neutral tones, others are more interested in vibrance.

What you may not know, is that the colors you pick for your outfits influences the final product BIG TIME.

So let's discuss!

As photographers, a huge part of our job is editing, right? We spend more time working on your photos than actually taking them. Between skin tones, backgrounds, highlights, shadows (the list goes on), we are doing what we can to give you an amazing finished product. But we could always use a little help when it comes to editing your wardrobe.

Now I prefer earth tones over anything else, though I am capable of those bold, vibrant, high contrast photos. However most of the time, my clients chose me because of that earthy, fall vibe. Some of the best color combos for my personal editing style is:

  1. Neutrals/Tans

  2. Mustard Yellow

  3. Muted Oranges

  4. Wine/Burgandy

  5. Deep or Army Green

  6. Deep or Navy Blue

Bright colors are incredibly distracting; the main focus of any portrait is of course, your face. So anything we can do to not draw attention from it is incredibly helpful.

Spring is upon us which means our wardrobes are about to change from dark and moody to loud and vibrant, but you can still get a beautiful earthy-vibe to your photos without going overboard. Muted, pale or pastel colors are just fine! But please leave the hot pinks and purples at home ... think simple and your photos will be beautiful!

Besides, if these photos will be hanging on the walls of your house, you want something that will look amazing throughout all 4 seasons!

So what are a few "Dos" and "Donts" when it comes to selected your family's wardrobes?

  1. Do not be too "matchy" .... please don't show up as a 5-person family all wearing the exact same flannel shirt. The patterns should be minimal; dominate the wardrobe with solids and have one or two people where a pattern. Besides, a pattern or two adds a bit of dimension without being too much of a distraction.

  2. Don't wear something you normally wouldn't ... what I mean by this is, dress comfortably. If you're not used to wearing heels, then don't wear them! Your discomfort will reflect in your photos. Be genuine to who and what you are.

  3. Don't wear too much jewelry or accessories ... again, this can be very distracting to what we are actually photographing ... you and your family!

  4. When it comes to shoes, think about your location. Out in the desert? Probably not a good idea to wear sandals. Climbing a mountainside? Leave the heels at home. Ranch-vibe? Flip-flops aren't exactly cow-pie friendly.

  5. Keep your location and season in mind when it comes to colors and style. You wouldn't wear a t-shirt in the snow or winter-jacket in the desert, would you? OK, well maybe SOME of you would, but you get my drift. This goes with coordinating too. Dad. don't wear a t-shirt when the rest of the family is in long-sleeves!

  6. No logos .... I repeat .... NO LOGOS! Unless it's a tiny little man on a horse on the chest pocket of your shirt, then don't do it! Tiny alligators are fine too.

Outfits can make or break your session, but you don't need to stress about it either! You probably have something already in your closets that will work for every member of the family!

But if not ...there are plenty of affordable, great quality stores that have something for everyone in the family!

My personal favorite is Old Navy; if you chose to incorporate a pattern for a couple of family members, they have the same print in all sizes and styles for men, women, and kiddos. The same goes for the exact shades of a specific color as well! Plus they're wallet-friendly and have excellent quality apparel.

No need to break the bank to look good!

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