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Loriann & Isaac: Stardance

Loriann & Isaac: February 20, 2022

Ceremony: Stardance Event Center

Reception: Stardance Event Center

Gown: J Bridal Boutique

Tux: Men's Wearhouse

Makeup: Georgie Brand Beauty

Hair: Georgie Brand Beauty

Florist: Trader Joe's

Photography: Kristin Bendigo Photography

Videography: N/A

Bakery/Cake: Phy's Sweet November Baking

DJ: Flawless DJ & Entertainment

Color Palette: Sage Green w/ Lavender

Legend has it, Isaac chased Loriann around high school, hoping to capture her eye as more than just friends. After plenty of rejection, Loriann finally gave in to his charms. The rest is history!

I first met Loriann and Isaac during their sunrise engagement session last year; my first impression of them was "oh my goodness, please breed as soon as you get married because your children are going to be STUNNING!" And as we got to know one another throughout the session, it was clear there was so much more to them then their stricking good looks! Loriann is driven, determined, and sweet as pie, while Isaac is hilarious, caring, and absolutely smitten by his beautiful bride ... the two of them together can make your teeth hurt!

And so came their wedding day ... an affair I knew would be an emotional one.

Loriann's brother passed away 11 years ago; in her questionnaire I had her fill out before her wedding, she had mentioned she was going to do something to honor him, but she wasn't quite sure what yet. When I arrived at the venue, I saw a remembrance table adorned with his photo, some florals, and a framed paragraph explaining her tribute to Tanner. It was very difficult to keep it together when I began photographing Loriann, her two sisters, and mother putting a small cutout of Tanner's shirt into her dress, snuggled right up beside her heart.

With her brother near her heart and her sisters by her side, Loriann wished to have two First Looks, one with her father, and the second with her soon to be husband, Isaac.

Again, I about lost it!

You never know how the guys will react when it comes to First Looks. Will they cry? Will they back up and say "wowwwww"? Will they jump up and down? I've seen them all, but I must say, my favorite is when the genuine tears begin to fall down their cheeks.

And both fellas did not disappoint! Well done, guys. Well done!

I am so glad that Loriann decided to add in those First Looks to her wedding day timeline ... they're so beneficial for so many reasons!

1. We have more time before the ceremony to tackle some photos of the bridal party, bride and groom, and family (we can get all those over with!)

2. We have more time after the ceremony to spend on bride and groom portraits.

3. Tackling all of those photos ahead of time means more time for cocktail hour (woohoo!)

4. Seeing each other before the ceremony releases those nerves and any anxiety you have to get the day moving; you can also spend that time to have a private moment together because chances are, that's about the only time you will have!

With the First Looks complete, we tackled those benefits with ease and moved into the ceremony (on time too, woohoo!)

It was a beautiful, sunny day ... the temperature was just perfect! We had a pretty consistent breeze blowing throughout the short ceremony that stuck with us well into cocktail hour, family, and bridal photos! No complaints from me; I love a good gust of wind to send that hair and veil flying!

Now it's no secret that Stardance is by far one of my favorite venues. What's not to love?

The staff is amazing!

The venue and grounds are just stunning!

And if you want a fun reception experience, then Stardance is the place to be!

Loriann and Isaac's wedding was no different ... it was just another perfect wedding to add to the books! Thank you both for trusting me to capture your flawless day; your families were so genuine and so sweet to us ... as vendors, we couldn't ask for anything more! Love you both!

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