Location, Location, Location!

So you live in the desert.

The very first thing that people think of when you say "I live in Southern Arizona" is what?

Sonoran hotdogs of course!

Just kidding ... it's cacti!

So when you say "Hey! I'm getting married in Arizona!", people are already planning their wardrobe around sunsets, saguaros, and sweet mountain views!

But Southern Arizona has so much more to offer than just the desert. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good wedding with a view ... those rolling hills covered from top to bottom with saguaros, the sun set turning those mountains pink ... I mean what's not to love! Literally EVERY venue in Southern Arizona is ideal for your perfect day! I myself got married on a golf course overlooking the Catalina Mountains and I wouldn't change a single thing about it!

But what if you want to escape the norm? What if you don't want what everyone else has had? There's so much more to Southern Arizona than the natural splendor of the desert ... just look a little closer and you'll find stunning architecture.

Modern. Traditional. Unique. Simple. Vintage. Character. When you look at Downtown Tucson, you see all of this wrapped into one beautiful package.

From afar, driving along i10, you probably think to yourself "Well, that looks just like any other city. Grey. A few tall buildings. Construction." Dig deeper and you'll find hidden gems wrapped beneath a typical cityscape.

Kingan Gardens is one of the gems (www.kingangardens.com). Nestled on the western outskirts of downtown Tucson, Kingan Gardens provides a traditional venue that almost brings you back to the 1800s. It features a beautiful garden where you will say "I Do" beneath a luscious arch of ivy; the bridal party will get ready in a renovated carriage house and oh my goodness is that bridal suite to die for! Everything about this venue screams "love and romance"; it takes you to a time and place where you don't even feel like you're inside a busy city! And right around the corner is the famous Franklin Street, a short road filled with colorful houses and businesses that each have their own individual character; these are absolutely perfect for bridal party photos! Kingan Gardens is also incredibly affordable providing full service packages for up to 200 guests!

Next, I'd love to take you to explore the Stillwell House (www.stillwellhouse.com). In 2001, this historic property was bought and refurbished into a beautiful event venue by a UofA graduate and her chef mother; it remains one of the most popular wedding venues today! Complete with a romantic staircase inside of a beautiful two story home, lush floral grounds & courtyard, and a cantina complete with dance floor and antique bar, the Stillwell House is a premier spot to host your wedding or large event!

Now, I can go for hours covering all of the amazing places in Downtown Tucson to say "I Do", but I will finish up with one of my personal favorites and a Tucson staple, Hotel Congress (www.hotelcongress.com). I am sure you've all heard the ghost stories surrounding the famous Hotel Congress, but I bet you didn't know that this unique venue also contains 3 separate event spaces, each with a different "vibe", to accommodate all types of styles! From Southwest elegance to panoramic views of Tucson, Hotel Congress can turn any event into a night to remember! And hey, if you have a few too many out in Maynard's Plaza, your hotel room awaits you a mere few feet away! This isn't just a venue, but an experience all its own that I strongly suggest you check out.

From timeless venues to one-of-a-king murals, Downtown Tucson has everything to turn your perfect Arizona wedding vision into reality! Escape the ordinary and venture into a unique experience that will leave you and your guests wanting more! And when all of the guests have retired for the evening, take a walk along Congress to experience a nightlife unlike any other! From local breweries to popular nightclubs, there is just so much for two newlyweds to enjoy!

For more information about any of these venues or to schedule a tour, please check out the following websites:

Kingan Gardens: www.kingangardens.com

Stillwell House: www.stillwellhouse.com

Hotel Congress: www.hotelcongress.com

Downtown Tucson (general information): www.downtowntucson.org

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