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A Groom's Guide to Wedding Day Survival

"Just show up and don't be drunk!" .... let's face it, that's USUALLY the only piece of advice given to the groom for their wedding day! Seems simple enough, right? No stressing about if the florals you want for your bouquet are in season. Or if the boob-tape you forgot to test out with your gown is actually going to do a single thing (maybe you should have splurged on those sewn-in cups?).

Well, I am here to help you start your wedding (and marriage) off right! Because as a woman (and a wife), there is a lot more that you can do to pull of a seamless, fun, and stress-free wedding day!

From beginning to end, your wedding day is about the both of you. Your bride may typically take over most of the planning since, let's face it, she's been envisioning this day since you two first met. But it's important that you plan TOGETHER; working alongside one another during this planning process is good practice for your partnership to learn how to problem solve, compromise, and budget.

Yet as prepared as you both may be feeling on the big day, chances are, your bride is going to be in full panic mode. So here are a few things that you can do so that YOU are one less thing your beautiful bride needs to worry about:

Tip #1 - Stock Your Groom's Suite With Snacks & Beverages

And no, I don't just mean alcoholic beverages, fellas.

Keep a well-stocked suite for yourself and your groomsmen! Sandwiches, chips, veggie & cheese platters, granola bars, and anything protein-fueled is a great place to start. Plenty of bottled waters and Gatorades are also essential! It's going to be a long day so make sure to stay hydrated and keep your energy up in between beers and shots, boys!

Tip #2 - Know How To Tie Your Bowtie or Tie

I can count on all my fingers and toes how many times I've watched grooms and groomsmen Youtube "how to tie a tie" during "getting ready" photos, and hey, there's nothing wrong with not knowing! But sometimes our timelines are incredibly tight and literally, every minute counts. Make sure you and your groomsmen practice tying your ties or bowties in advance so that when it's time to "suit up", you can do this with ease.

The same goes for folding pocket squares!

Tip #3 - Pack an Emergency Kit

Your bride will most likely have her own, but you should too! No need to stress her out over a popped button or a groomsmen with a migraine; be prepared. Stock it with the essentials: sewing kit, Tide-stick, Tylenol, electrolytes, breath mints, scissors, and anything else you think you may need.

Tip #4 - Manage Your Side of the Family & Bridal Party

Punctuality is key to keeping things running smoothly; keep track of your family members and your side of the bridal party. Are they where and when they are supposed to be? Are they dressed and ready for photos? If not, have a designated groomsmen or "helper" to wrangle said members. Have a "Kevin" of the group who started the day with 5 shots of Jack on an empty stomach? Let your "helper" force-feed a few water bottles down his throat. A little organization prevents chaos.

Tip #5 - Enjoy Every Moment

Your wedding day is going to go by SO fast! Make sure to breathe and take it ALL in .... even the minor inconveniences. But most importantly, remember the importance of that day and why your friends and family have all gathered to celebrate your marriage!

Additional Tips:

  • Get a good night's sleep

  • Write your vows the day before (& practice them!)

  • Break in your shoes before the big day

  • Give the rings to the most responsible person early in the day

  • Have your details ready for your photographer before he or she arrives

  • Don't forget your groomsmen gifts

  • Write a sweet letter to your bride to read while she's getting ready; it will mean the world to her!

Wedding planning is definitely stressful, fellas! So take a bit off your soon-to-be wife's plate, follow this guide, and enjoy every moment of the process! It gets here sooner then you think and it's over quicker still!


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