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Alyssa & Zach: Glover Ranch

Alyssa & Zach: March 5, 2022

Ceremony: Glover Ranch

Reception: Glover Ranch

Gown: Maya's Palace

Tux: Nick's Menswear

Makeup: Vanessa, V. Beauty Couture

Hair: Eleanor Palmer

Florist: Expressions by Jill

Photography: Kristin Bendigo Photography

Videography: Christina Brimhall Films

Bakery/Cake: Ambrosia Cakes

DJ: Raymond Powerhouse

Color Palette: Dusty Blue & White

4 months ago, I photographed Alyssa's sister Samantha's wedding at La Mariposa ... it was absolutely beautiful! I got to know this stunningly gorgeous blended family from both ends, and they got to know me.

But Alyssa and I already knew one another! Not just because she booked me for her wedding before her sister ... but because I took her pregnancy announcements the year before! We had an instant connection and so the rest, was history as they say.

Glover Ranch .... such a beautiful place for a wedding. Tall trees, dirt roads, open fields, lush plantlife, vintage farm equipment spread all over the place ... it's a photographer's dream! Ceremonies aren't designated to just one location on the property as there are many options to choose from depending on your vibe and style. The family that owns and works the ranch takes a lot of pride in what they do and makes sure that every couple has everything they need for their perfect day. And they are very accomodating to their vendors too!

But you don't need to throw on a pair of cowboy boots to fit into this venue's vibe, not at all! High heels and handbags work just as well. And that was exactly Alyssa and Zach's style ... blinged out heels, Tiffanys' jewelry, and taco socks!

Wedding prep was quick and painless, as it usually is. But we had a LOT to accomplish before the ceremony as there was one very special First Look we needed to do.

You see, Zach came into Alyssa's life when she was a mother, raising her beautiful daughter Ryan on her own. He immediately stepped into the roll of father figure willingly, and their very special bond is evident by anyone who meets them. So ontop of the usual bridal party and family photos, we had to make sure we captured Ryan and Zach's First Look. And oh boy, they did not disappoint!

After everyone dried their eyes and we got through a variety of family and bridal party photos, it was ceremony time!

There was just so much love in Zach's eyes as he watched Alyssa walk down the aisle and as she stood in front of him, hearing his vows, speaking hers ... you can tell this man would do anything and everything for his bride, and she for him. We witnessed the union of a perfect love and what will be, a beautiful marriage.

Now, on this particular day in March, we were blessed with hurricane-like winds ... amazing for bridal portraits and long veils, not so much for trying to do a bubble exit after saying "I do!" But hey, magic, did we make!

With so many places around Glover Ranch to take their bridal portraits, we decided to stick with the fields. The sun was setting and as I worked their timeline to give us just enough time to accomplish a half hour of bridals, the wind was giving everyone runny noses and goosebumps. So we had a challenge, but we were going to get some gold!

And oh boy, we sure did!

Now I knew this group was going to be a blast .... but I was not prepared for the reception at all (lol)! Did we ever find out who gave Kevin that bottle of Fireball? Because Kevin did not need anymore Fireball! I repeat, Kevin did NOT need anymore Fireball, people!

The dance moves were epic!

The garter retrieval was legendary!

And the cake cutting was almost brutal in the best way!

Definitely a night to remember!

Thank you again, Alyssa and Zach for having us be a part of your perfect wedding! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together ... and plenty more Fireball!

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