Frequently Asked Questions

So you've Booked your session! Now what??

The big One: What Do I Wear?

This one is easy ... whatever you want! However, here are a few tips that will help you and your family/Partner coordinate the perfect outfits for your photos! 

1. Darker colors tend to slenderize: they also draw more attention to the face!

2. Tone Down Bright Colors: These can be reflective and draw attention away from the face.

3. Don't overdue it with accessories: again, you will draw attention away from the face.

4. When coordinating with others, keep it simple! blend the bodies together, don't single anyone out.

5. patterns and prints are okay, but some might lead to distortions in photos (ex. thin stripes).

6. Don't wear logos! 

7. When in doubt, solid, neutral colors will always be beautiful!

8. matching is fine ... to an extent. 10 people don't need to wear the same flannel shirt!

9. Consider your home decor if you are wanting to hang prints on your wall.

10. Use the season to select color schemes/palettes.